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What we do

Compassion. Care. Support

At the Injured Jockeys Fund, we

ACT... swiftly when a jockey is injured, arrange medical care and financial assistance and restore dignity to those who have fallen on hard times

RUN... a network of nine almoners countrywide specialising in care, compassion, advice and support to beneficiaries

SUPPORT... not only past and present jockeys but also their families and dependants

PROVIDE... at our flagship centres, Oaksey House in Lambourn and Jack Berry House in Malton, residential and respite accommodation, a gym, physiotherapy and rehabilitation facilities

OFFER... medical consultations and regular treatment

OVERSEE... and support the Jockeys Injury Management Team which provides physio support on racecourses private medical insurance, particularly for young jockeys

ARRANGE... a variety of specialist holidays in the UK and abroad for beneficiaries past and present, as well as beneficiary race days*

PART FUND... Racing Welfare’s 24 hour support line and Jockeys Education and Training Scheme (JETS)

ORGANISE... a network of over 30 visitors who play an important role in calling regularly on elderly and isolated beneficiaries

*Thanks to the extraordinary generous donation by Robert Hitchins in 1993, each year the IJF has taken a number of beneficiaries, some severely disabled, on much appreciated holidays




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