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Oaksey House closed for refurbishment

Oaksey House will be closing on 28 July for refurbishment to allow for extended gym and rehabilitation facilities including the instalation of a Hydrotherapy pool.

How this will effect you.

Frequently asked questions:

Why is Oaksey House closing?
To relocate the gym upstairs, refurbish the clinical and social space downstairs and add a hydrotherapy pool.
When is Oaksey House closing?
The main building will close on Friday 28th July
When will it reopen?
Services will be relocated into the current accommodation area and will reopen on Weds 2nd Aug
What hours will you be open?
8am – 6pm Monday - Friday
Why are the hours being reduced?
In order to comply with a variety of Health and Safety arrangements for staff and site visitors 
I am a regular gym member how will this affect me?
There will be limited gym space therefore in order to accommodate both gym members and those using the gym as part of their treatment, access for gym members will be limited as detailed below:
Gym members:
8.00am – 10.00am and 4.00pm – 6.00pm
Please note:
you may be asked to vacate a piece of equipment should it be required by someone engaged in active treatment
equicisers will only be available in a booked session with a jockey coach or staff  member

How will this effect what I pay?
Please enquire at the office , where your personal payment plan can be reviewed and you can be advised
I currently come to a class – will that continue?
Where possible classes will continue but due to the revised space, numbers will be very limited. Please liaise with the office to confirm your place
Will I still be able to shower after my class/ treatment / gym session?
Yes there will be a shower available for use
We use Oaksey House for meetings – will this still be possible?
There will still be some limited meeting space available. Pre booking via the office will be essential
I’m not from the racing world can I still come for treatment?
The same range of appointments will  be available throughout the build period. There may not be quite the same flexibility given the restriction on hours
If I need to see an IJF almoner where will I go?
The almoners will continue to spend some period of their working week on site. Please enquire at the office or contact your almoner directly
Will the BHA jockey coaches still be available?
The coaches will carry on as normal offering  pre booked sessions
Will the Hobbs neurological team still be available?
For the period of the build Hobbs will relocate to one of their other facilities near Andover. Please call Hobbs directly for more information:
Prior to 31st July on 01488 674252
After 31st July on 01962 779796
Will people still be able to stay at Oaksey House for residential rehabilitation
( respite )
There will be one apartment retained for anyone urgently needing a period of residential rehabilitation. This will be allocated based on clinical need and appropriateness and as always jockeys / IJF beneficiaries will be a priority
Will I still be able to park?
The car park will remain operational for patients. Staff will be advised of their alternative arrangements. 
How will I know where to go?
There will be clear signage from the car park.  Please refer to this,  in particular any safety warnings
Will Christmas goods still be on sale?
There will be no Xmas Fair this year but the usual selection of cards and goods will be available on site
When will the build be complete?
Hopefully the new facilities will be open early in the New Year

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time.
Should you have any further questions or feedback please do let us know
Office contact number : 01488 6741242
Email :
These arrangements will be reviewed monthly and revised if necessary


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