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providing care, compassion, and financial help

Providing care, compassion and financial help, to injured jockeys

Founded in 1964 following the devastating accidents to Tim Brookshaw, and then Paddy Farrell in the 1964 Grand National, the Injured Jockeys Fund has since spent over £18m in helping over 1000 jockeys whose injuries have forced some of them to give up riding.

Our aim is to maintain this ethos with continuing support for our existing beneficiaries and to provide immediate and effective help to all newly injured jockeys in whatever way is appropriate to ensure a reasonable quality of life for them and their families.


Oaksey House

Oaksey House, situated in Lambourn, Berkshire, is a rehabilitation centre for jockeys past and present, the racing workforce, other sports men and women and those from the local community.


Jack Berry House

Planning permission was granted by Ryedale District Council on Tuesday 12th March at 6.00pm for the Injured Jockeys Fund’s second rehabilitation centre, ‘Jack Berry House’, to be built at Malton in North Yorkshire.




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