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The cast is off!!!

The cast is off!!!

by Sam Twiston-Davies |  4 Dec 2017

Today my cast came off.

My consultant x-rayed the elbow afterwards and was happy with the metalwork and gave me the all clear to kick on with active rehab.

So as you can imagine, I was straight off to Oaksey House where I did a session with Emma Edwards, one of the physios there, to start to restore the range of movement in my elbow.  As I have learned, movement is the first thing you work on, and then you add the strength work. 

Emma used a machine called a goniometer, which is basically an instrument that looks like a bendy ruler which measures range of movement in the joint angles of the body.

She measured the range in my elbow and arm before we started and then we had an hour of physio. We did what she calls ‘active assisted stretches’. One of these is almost as if you are looking in the mirror and flexing your muscles – you press the back side of your hand against the wall and lean in.  In the other you rest your hand against the wall, first having it straight and then twisting to push the extension. Both help improve extension and movement. 

Emma was really happy with the progress I made in the hour and the goniometer showed it had improved by 50%! 

At home tonight, once I’ve had some food, I shall be starting on the ‘game ready’ ice machine that I wrote about in my last blog. This basically regulates ice flow to control the compression. It runs on a 30 min on, 30 min off cycle so I shall be in for a few hours of that this evening!

Tomorrow will be more exercises at home and a few runs up and down the gallops to keep my fitness up. Plus more of the Game Ready. 

Now that I’m out of the ‘acute’ phase of recovery, I’ll also be speaking to Dan Martin, the Jack Berry House nutritionist again to get some advice on what foods and supplements I now need that we have moved on to the second phase. My muscles don’t look too dissimilar between both arms so the plan we formulated last week to prevent muscle wastage is paying dividends. 

On Wednesday, I will then be back at Oaksey to see how much improvement I have made in two days, plus start more serious fitness work in the gym. 

It’s all about timing for me, so whilst it’s frustrating not to be straight back on a horse the day the cast comes off, I’m feeling pretty optimistic that all has gone well and that the end, or beginning, is within sight….


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