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The Injured Jockeys Fund was the brainchild of founding Trustee and past President John Oaksey and came about following the devastating accidents of Tim Brookshaw and four months later Paddy Farrell in the 1964 Grand National. Both falls resulted in severe paralysis which immediately ended both their careers.
Since then the Fund has helped over 1000 jockeys and their families and has paid out more than £18m in charitable assistance. The Fund has a team of nine Almoners who liaise directly with beneficiaries on a support basis and also a team of 40 volunteer Visitors who keep in touch with old and isolated beneficiaries offering friendship and company.

The IJF also works closely with racing authorities and other organisations on many initiatives. It part funds on course physios and medical services and also research into improved riding protection equipment for jockeys which has resulted in a number of improved manufacturing standards being implemented. The Fund also provided the Equichute based at The British Racing School which is used in fall training for students and current jockeys.

In 2009 it opened its first rehabilitation centre, Oaksey House, in Lambourn and in April 2015 opened Jack Berry House a second state-of-the-art rehabilitation and fitness centre in Malton for northern based jockeys. 


Our Vision 

To improve the lives of injured jockeys and their families

Our Mission   

to provide appropriate support, financial or otherwise, in a prompt and sympathetic manner to those jockeys past or present who are injured, unable to ride or generally in need

How will we achieve this ?

• We are one team and through the actions of all of our team members, charitable support will be offered in a timely, compassionate, empathetic, discreet and professional manner.

• Our behaviour is underpinned by good manners, understated genuine warmth and modern professionalism. We are considerate and down-to-earth.

• Our team of Almoners provide the immediate interface with our beneficiaries; they in turn sign post to OH /JBH as appropriate where they are offered treatment and assistance from our experts.

• Oaksey House and Jack Berry House become recognised throughout the sporting world as centres providing expert and specialist rehabilitation and fitness advice.

• The team in Newmarket provide timely and efficient support underpinning all of these activities whether they are fund raising, administrative or logistical.

• Our Trustees and Patrons represent us in the wider racing and sporting environment ensuring that the reputation and credibility of the charity remains strong.



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